25 Newbie Bites of Py Exercise Bundle


Our collection of 25 Newbie Bites are geared towards the absolute beginner in Python and programming.

If you've never coded before, this is for you. We break all of the basic concepts of Python down into easy-to-understand exercises. 

When we say easy to understand, we mean it. No overly wordy technical jargon. We used our non-coding partners as guinea pigs to test the level and they approved.

We literally start off by explaining what an object is and how to assign something to it... and what that even means!

The exercises start with a description of the concept we're teaching you followed by an in-browser coding experience. Yes, on every "Bite" we ask you to take what you learned and code, live, within the browser. You can't proceed to the next Bite until you're successful!

Why are we doing this?

There are members of our community who are new to programming and Python and wanted to make something for them. We're tired of sending people away who want to use our platform to learn but don't know the basics. So this is for you, our community.

Oh and yes, these will teach you all the basics you need to know to start solving our 330+ more challenging Python exercises!


Here's a testimonial from Francois N, one of our community members who landed his first Python role after using our platform:

The website is very simple, but the service offered is vastly superior to anything I've known on the web (for Python development anyway).

As soon as I started the first challenges, I knew that I had found not only the best way to train every day to become a better developer, but also the best way to show all companies that recruit that I know how to solve difficult challenges. ...

I've found my first job as a Java/Python developer and I sincerely believe that it's thanks to my daily training on PyBites CodeChallenges.


And here are some more experiences from Pythonistas that code on our platform:

"I am still a Python newbie, yet the PyBites community has been as welcoming to me as if I were already a "Ninja." I've also been impressed with how much I've been able to learn just by completing the introductory Bites. I look forward to completing more challenges!" - Rob F

"The PyBites platform caters to everyone who wants to master the Python programming language. If you are a complete beginner, you can start with the "Newbie Bites" and then move on to more advanced Bites. To master a programming language, you need to consistently and deliberately practice. The "Coding Streak" calendar should motivate you to practice consistently." - Nitin G

"I'm a newbie in Python and after taking some tutorials and work on them, I felt that I needed more. More practice, more structured and focused practice...as I have discovered here: deliberate practice. After a month working in the platform (just a month) I feel more confident in writing code and solving problems." - Alberto S


Stop wasting time on tutorials, it's time to REALLY learn Python by solving real world problems and writing code every day!


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25 Newbie Bites of Py Exercise Bundle

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