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Dear Friend,

Becoming a proficient Python developer can be scary and overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be that complicated if you focus on the right things.

It's like working out: a few compound movements will get you the greatest Return on Investment.

Knowing Python very well is of course paramount, but over time we've found that it's only one third of the equation.

You also need to learn version control, testing, deployment and tooling inside out. Above all, to become a consummate developer that writes clean, robust and performant code, you need to change your approach and mindset!

After years of developing apps (including SAAS solutions) and coaching / training hundreds of developers worldwide, we have distilled our knowledge and experience into a set of concise flash cards. These (digital) cards will teach you the fundamental Python developer skills you need to focus on to succeed in the field.

What took us years to figure out you can now consume in 5-10 minutes daily to make sure you don't fall into the insidious traps of Tutorial Paralysis and Imposter Syndrome which will both seriously hinder your chances of reaching your goal.

What do we teach in these cards?

The Basic edition includes 5 cards:

  • The single most important habit to develop to succeed as a developer.

  • How to make your code more robust prevent bugs and save time.

  • The one tool that makes you more fluent in every other aspect.

  • The most important productivity tip to make you more effective.

  • How to survive in a services architecture.

The Premium edition builds upon this adding 5 more cards:

  • How to more effectively learn.

  • The best thing you can do as a developer.

  • How to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

  • How to beat Tutorial Paralysis.

  • Learn the "currency" of developers.

This edition also includes print and audio editions so you can have the cards at hand anywhere you go!

We're stoked to have you here with us and to take you on this excited journey of becoming a well rounded Python developer.

It's one of the best things you can do for your career, because there is nothing like solving complex problems and writing code to give back to the community, or even starting your own side gig, earning freedom and control over your work life.

Enjoy and we're looking forward to see you succeed with us ...

-Bob & Julian

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PyBites Developer Flashcards

5 ratings
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